Comas - A Gaelic word which means ability 

We are not a charity that is easy to define 

Comas is a social innovation charity using community development to help people find the solutions they need.

We develop communities between disconnected and isolated people

 We support people who have enduring health, mental health, and social problems, older people, families and people recovering from addictions

We aim to make people's lives better in every way we can

We tailor our support to the situation and the people, working with them to find the right solutions 


The bottom line is, we change lives 

We make people happier, more resilient, more confident and less lonely 

We empower people to choose the direction of their lives 

We make people more secure financially and ensure they have a home they feel comfortable in 

We encourage people to achieve their potential, through higher aspirations and learning opportunities 

We make people healthier, with support for recovery, self-management and access to support 

We help people to make connections, help each other and feel a sense of belonging

Our Projects  

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21st September 2015

The Comas MSP Chef Challenge is over - but what a night it was!

 The night was a huge success with Liam McArthur coming out on top (despite his misplaced baking trays.)

We would like to thank everybody who helped make the night fantastic including the diners.  We hope everyone had a great time!



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Comas is a registered charity in Scotland, number SC039670